Our story began a long time ago

Giulia Stampaggi S.r.l. was founded in 1997 based on the years of experience of its owner in cold forming of metals for third parties. The production facility is located in the Treviso Province, and specializes in the construction of progressive dies and metal forming on behalf of third parties, starting from an idea, a drawing or specifications provided by the customer. The company produces items in brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, Stainless Steel, Fe and high-strength materials, titanium and delivers the finished items, complete with finishing treatments, also assembled with plastic parts, packaged and coded using bar code or 2D systems (Qr-code).

Our mission

Our objective is to always guarantee an excellent service, participating in the process together with our customer, to improve their products using innovative solutions. Since its founding, Giulia Stampaggi has optimized their services year after year, marking their 20 years of history with perseverance and enthusiasm for their work.

Giulia Stampaggi is founded, providing the first cold forming service based on the owner’s decade of experience in the sector.
Giulia Stampaggi invests in quality and cost optimization, creating an in-house workshop for designing and building their own molds.
Growth requires overall expansion, and the company moves to a new facility, from 550 m² to 1000 m², also adding an automatic degreasing system.
To respond to increasing orders, the production capacity is augmented with new automatic molding lines.
Always pursuing the best quality, the mold production department integrates insertion of new wire-EDM technology.
The company enters into foreign markets with excellent results in diverse sectors. Today the company is a supplier for the leading companies in the sector.
Production requires further expansion, and Giulia Stampaggi grows from 1000 m² to 1500 m²
The company is equipped with new production lines, now with 10 automatic molding lines.
To provide added services to their customers in Italy and abroad, Giulia Stampaggi opens a new metal finishing and automatic assembly department.
Growth over recent years requires additional production lines, and Giulia Stampaggi invests in more lines, increasing production from 10 to 13 lines.
Giulia Stampaggi invests in a new facility more suited to its forecasted growth into foreign markets, now reaching 4000 m².
The company is currently in the process of obtaining ISO certification and is preparing for new investments in specialized personal and production quality.

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